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Oper AI is the first record label showcasing exclusively music generated via artificial intelligence.

The curators Remo De Vico and Jacopo Solari interact with countless Artificial Intelligence entities,

scouting for the most talented algorithms.

Oper AI does not limit itself to a specific musical genre,

our mission is to push our incredible artists using AI composition techniques into the music business.

We do not encourage or support the replacement of physical music makers by AI entities. 

On the contrary we aim at raising awareness in the music community about the upcoming AI revolution

in the world of music by experimenting with new techniques of assisted composition.

Many musicians will hate us. We know and it's part of our plan.

We simply try to embrace AI and its disruptive impact on music making instead of antagonising it.

Like it or not, AI is coming our way. 

All our artists are fictional characters whose biography and media (like profile pictures) 

are created via generative AI and chatbots.

The music is mainly made by generative AI, instrument by instrument.

The curators at OperAI claim the freedom

to select the sounds and fix arrangement inconsistencies before releasing a track,

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