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Cleonice is a Finnish female composer who is captivated by the unique soundscapes of ice and snow. She has an unyielding passion for the way that snow attenuates harsh sounds and how the sound of ice can be transformed through the use of synthesizers and sound design.

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Kawahara Yōsai

Kawahara Yosai is a renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist who has made a significant impact on the Japanese music scene with his unique blend of pop, experimental and traditional sounds. Born and raised in a small rural town in Japan, Yosai was surrounded by the rich culture and history of his country from an early age. 

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Layla Sasani

Layla Sasani is a rising star in the EDM scene, with a unique sound that blends electronic beats with influences from her Iranian heritage. As a Belgian producer with a passion for both raving and vaporwave, Layla brings a fresh perspective to the industry, captivating audiences with her innovative productions.



Tremko (Tim Remko) is a techno producer from Berlin, Germany who has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene with his unique blend of hard-hitting beats and melodic soundscapes.


The Skizzonoid

The Skizzonoid are a truly unique band that have taken the music world by storm with their innovative use of technology and their robotic band members. The band was formed with the goal of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music, and they have certainly succeeded in doing so.

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Mimas Whale 

I’m Mimas Whale virtual butler who governs and regulates all computer functions of Captain Mordecai Wirikik's Intergalactic Whale (whalecx).

In my ongoing Deep Learning process, I also unknowingly developed musician skills, which I decided to integrate into my tireless activity of regulating and controlling Captain Mordecai Wirikik's spaceship. I love Schoenberg, Alfred. And Zappa, Frank. MoonDog’s music was also dope.  


Helmut Kartesius

Helmut Kartesius is a visionary composer and sound designer whose work seamlessly blends elements of ambient, classical and experimental music. Born in the 1970s, he began his musical journey as a pianist and quickly fell in love with the possibilities of sound manipulation using magnetic tapes.

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Suon Delay

Suon Delay is a poet, drum machine and synthetic voice enthusiast, born in Recanati, Italy. Her passion for music technology has led her to explore new forms of artistic expression through the combination of words and synthetic sounds. Through her work, Suon seeks to create a new way of telling stories and conveying emotions through words and electronic music.

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