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The first music label signing ONLY

Artificial Intelligence artists

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Artificial Intelligence can compose music hits with little human supervision

Our collection of virtual artists is growing by the day.  All the compositions (music score and arrangement) are made by Artificial Intelligence composition techniques. We at OperAI curate the virtual instruments' sounds to make them sound like professional tracks.

How will the music makers
of the future work

The AI revolution is ongoing. Right now as you read this text. 

Musicians will inevitably, as other types of artists, interact more and more in the coming years with Artificial Intelligence models in ways that we cannot even imagine yet. 

We at OperAI are pioneering novel composition techniques and interaction possibilities that are arising from the growing fauna of AI models: from chatbots, text to speech to fully trained AI composers and assistants.

What is our mission in Music

We are NOT interested in cloning famous artists. 

We are NOT promoting human replacement by AI in music making.

We are interested, fascinated and excited by the incredible ensemble of novel and revolutionary possibilities in terms of sound, genres, events, communities that Artificial Intelligence is bringing and will bring on the table of the music makers of the future.

Want to know more?

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Selected Releases


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