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Radio Canada

3 June 2023

Radio Canada International (RCI) is the international broadcasting service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) - Wikipedia.

Listen to this 12 minutes piece (in French) covering the origins of OperAI and playing tracks from OperAI's catalogue while being transported by an entertaining conversation between Dennis Kastrup and the radio host.

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 17.03.46.png


19 May 2023

Deutschelandfunk dates back to 1926 and is one of the most important radio stations in Germany as of today. Deutschlandfunk Kultur is noted for its radio plays and documentaries. The station's programmes also cover arts, culture, and science. Deutschlandfunk Kultur carries no commercial advertising (Wikipedia).

Enjoy this 5 minutes audio piece on OperAI (in German) where DLF interviewed the founders of OperAI, presented the project and selected audio extracts of several tracks from OperAI.


Impatto Sonoro,

22 February 2023

Impatto Sonoro is an Italian online magazine focused on musical journalism. 

Shortly after OperAI was born Impatto Sonoro got interested in the project and published a general overview of the concept and efforts OperAI is doing in the music makers and music editors community.

Blue Record

Quotidiano Del Sud,

19 January 2023

Is Music Over?Read on OperAI's very first appearance in the media (in Italian).

Quotidiano Del Sud is a local newspaper from the south of Italy covering social, political and art topics.

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